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¨Priscilla & Nimbo¨
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Choosing your clothes helps develop your personality and style.
What will Priscilla wear today?

This app as an educational tool:
Children of today find all things interactive … attractive. 
It allows them to play and have fun while they learn.

Our technology supersedes the average technology used for similar products as it enables the user to build on his/her creative abilities to the point of a finished product. In the process, these children will not only have fun playing with Priscilla, but will take their artistic expression to a new intuitive level; to a place where they may discover a passion for writing, for art or music, and where they will reward themselves with a tangible, not virtual, result.

The interactive learning experience in itself contributes to self realization and creativity, goals among
the most important in preparing for a positive and healthy future.
But above all, our app facilitates the understanding of a new concept, that of "transformation"  
which develops multiple and flexible perspectives.

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