Be your own musical orchestra conductor, a producer, composer or performer. This app will teach you about different musical rhythms and will enable you to experience what it feels like to sing and play with famous artists and musicians. Music at the tip of your fingers… and ears!

Re-mix the Priscilla songs or reinvent your own, write your own lyrics and hear the sound of your own voice. Then, just send it to your grandma for her birthday …because music has the wonderful power of bringing people closer together. It promotes healthy coexistence and communication skills and, by sharing their songs and music, children will increase their emotional security and confidence.

As is the case with reading and story-telling, music also encourages literacy, it improves the power of concentration and makes learning Math easier. Yes, music is pure mathematics! It also makes learning other languages easier as it enhances memory whilst exercising a child’s body movements and coordination. Have fun with your very own audio console that creates an ambience; experiment with instruments, unique sounds and sound effects that will be available for your own original music productions...