About us:

We are a team of experienced programmers and creative marketing experts who are developing an application that combines the written word with art, music and technology.
We created The Priscilla Project to stimulate creativity in young elementary school children; to entice them to read and transform the works of talented and established artists,  with their own unique visions of the world.
The Priscilla Project is the stepping stone towards other major projects with similar technology and marketability.


telefono: (786) 360-7365  USA
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Other artists

This project brings together visual artists, writers, musicians, composers, songwriters, illustrators and creative doers and thinkers from all around the globe.
Very soon: Rene Walker – artist and finger painter from Switzerland and Alejandro Bustos, sand artist from Argentina.

+ Kuki Benski

Kuki Benski

The universal magic of childhood and the wonderful feast of shimmering color and the smooth textures are the signature of Kuki Benski’s art. Daughter of a Russian chocolate-maker, her works attest to how intensely she was drawn to the scintillating labels and tinsel paper wrappings of the candies and chocolate boxes that arrived from all over the world to the Benski kitchen table.

Through the use of collage and a mixture of techniques based on acrylics, enamel and glitter, the artist prepares  an ideal setting in which children can recreate their own experiences and liven their senses.

Argentine born Kuki Benski graduated from The National Fine Arts Academy of Buenos Aires and has studied with important masters such as Luis Felipe Noe.


+ René Walker

René Walker

iphone fingerpaintings

+ Alejandro Bustos

Alejandro Bustos

Viaje visual a través de la arena (Caen las hojas)